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A just-for-run race of cars worth $5,000 or less

Battle of the Beaters is a just-for-fun drag-race shootout of vehicles worth $5,000 or less! Don’t bring your race face or glass ego, because you might get hurt when our judges ridicule your car and joust with the crowd to decide if your car will be allowed to race! Here are the rules and the race format. 

  • All cars in the Battle of the Beaters must be worth less than $5,000 as decided by the Duct Tape Drags judges in conjunction with input from the spectators. Cars that wish to enter will be lined up for judging in front of the grandstands, and only those that are accepted by the judges will be allowed to race. The $5,000 value is not based on the total money you personally have spent on the car, instead, it’s based on what the judges feel the car would sell for on the open market. Example: If your grandma gave you a free ‘69 Camaro and you spent just $500 making it run, you’re not going to be allowed to race because virtually any ‘69 Camaro is worth more than $5,000. Furthermore, judging is wide open to speculation and, honestly, it's completely unfair. Get over it, we're here to have fun. 

  • Cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and semi trucks only. No motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides, snowmobiles, sand rails, or go-karts allowed. We may toss out other junk we forgot to list here, too. 

  • There are three classes for Battle of the Beaters: Naturally Aspirated (no nitrous or boost), Power Adder (yes nitrous and/or boost), and Bogus (cars deemed bogus at $5,000, but so entertaining that we want to see them race anyway).

  • Each class is contested separately, and each car may only enter one class. Any power adder must be completely disabled in the opinion of the judges for NA competition. 

  • Cars race a quarter-mile, heads-up drag race on a pro tree in random pairings. The last car standing wins. There will be a one-race shootout of the Naturally Aspirated versus Power Adder winner at the end. 

  • Prizes might be announced, but probably not. You're only do this for the laughs. 

  • All cars in Battle of the Beaters competition must pass NHRA safety inspection for the et and speed they run. Safety equipment will not be considered in the overall value of the vehicles during judging.

Basic NHRA Safety Tech:

- Driver must be 18 Years or older with a Valid Drivers License.

- Tires & Seat Belts must be in good condition.

- The Battery must be firmly held down, no bungee cords please.

- All Lug Nuts must be in place and tight.

- No Cracked or Broken Windshields.

- No Fluid Leaks or Drips from the vehicle.

- Must have a Radiator Overflow Bottle.

- A helmet is required if the vehicle will go 13.99 or Quicker in the 1/4 Mile.

- No Passengers if the vehicle will go 13.99 or Quicker in the 1/4 Mile.

- A Fire jacket is required if an aftermarket power adder (Turbo, Blower, Nitrous) has been added to the vehicle.

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